Restorative Suburbia


Seal Beach


  • Courtyard
  • Seating Area
  • Recycled Brick
  • Grape Trellis
  • Raised Vegetable Planters


This quaint yard utilizes restorative amenities not typical of your suburban backyard, bringing together features that help restore the mind body and soul through landscape features. Beginning with the soul, is a raised vegetable garden bed that serves our clients’ needs in growing a variety of organic produce to be used in their everyday meals. The raised beds are easily maintained with a custom irrigation system to produce high yields in a compact space with less space. Next the body is restored with the use of a hot tub. The daily grind and stress creates tension in our bodies, and this hot tub open to the sky is the perfect place to allow the body to increase circulation and provide relief for tense muscles. Finally, the mind, we encourage our clients to cozy up to the elevated fire place and slow down the mind. The warmth extends the amount of time you can spend outdoors, giving back precious hours.

This restorative backyard takes the idea of relaxation to another level of comfort and provides our clients with a outdoor space year round for health and wellbeing.