California Gold


El Segundo


  • Water Wheel
  • Fire Pit
  • Cobble Pavers
  • Native Planting


This once suburban backyard lawn has been design to feature a sun-loving medley of perennial, grasses and herbs, carefully selected to attract birds and butterflies. Furthermore, removing the existing sod and replacing it with cobble pavers instantly creates a gorgeous outdoor room for gathering and dinning. A fire pit feature centered in the cobble stone patio, provides light and warmth for the homeowners. The fire pit extends the daily and seasonal use of the backyard throughout the year. Finally, a custom-built water wheel boosts the style of the landscape as a focal point. This water wheel is built and installed on site supported by pilasters. Creatively the water wheel helps tie in the hillside, that is planted with native planting to allow rainfall to percolate through the soil instead of running down the hillside. The sound visual and sound effect of the water is a soft beautiful backdrop for this suburban garden.