California Native Bungalow


Los Angeles


  • Contemporary Garden
  • Elevated Garden
  • Hardscapes


This residency in the neighborhood of Echo Park, is a craftsman bungalow that is part of the rich Los Angeles history. The front yard is designed with a two level patio that acts as an outdoor gathering area and a grand entrance. This historical condition of coupled with an updated contemporary interior is reflected in the landscaping. We combined the use of classic and contemporary garden features throughout the patio space. Flagstone paves the large outdoor space entertaining space and turns it into a place for leisure and dining. The hardscape features a technique that is permeable by spacing the flagstone and setting it onto a sand base. The base allowing water to percolate into the soil reduces or eliminates runoff and helps recharge groundwater onsite. In taking advantage of our incredible weather a custom built barbecue area is nestled into the home, serviced by a separate dining area. Planting areas border the dining area with a color barrage of plantings such as Mexican bush sage, native bur clovers, coprosma, mexican feather grass, euphorbias and assorted succulents. Stepping down in elevation is a outdoor living room that sits adjacent to main street. This area is great for entertaining and relaxing. Plantings in the corners give a feeling of a softer space. Orange and lemon trees anchor the corners, while other plantings such as blue fescues, lavenders, rosemarys and grevilleas and textures and flow. This space is a threshold between the house and busy street which provides relaxation and enjoyment for everyone.