Design Services

At Living Green Designs, our process is tailored to each client's wants and desires. Our 20 years of combined experience unites function and design with current trends to create a landscape that is uniquely yours.  Designs range from large scale multifunctional sites to small, intimate spaces.  Our vision with your input, whatever the case may be will construct a world class design the whole block will envy.

The Design Process 3 Steps

  • Step 1 - The initial consultation - In the initial design meeting, we walk the site to see how the elements work within your landscape. We discuss your list of wants and desires and how they pertain to the design. Each client has a unique list of objectives that we categories and prioritize. At the close of the meeting we take all the notes and sketches back to the office for the production of the preliminary design.
  • Step 2 - Preliminary design review - Our second meeting, takes place on-site to review design documents and walk the site to experience exactly how the plan is laid out. Hand sketches, digital drafting and diagrams allow for a complete understanding of the preliminary design proposal. At this time, we break down the design, prioritize design features, and elements. Variations and concerns are noted on the plan for revision of the final plan.
  • Step 3 - Final Plan Review - At this last design meeting we discuss the final elements of the landscape layout. We cover all the details at this stage, including design components, and each and every plant that is selected. You will receive (2) copies of the plans. Final plans come with a costs proposal for construction. From here we move onto Green Construction Services.