Los Angeles


  • Natural Stone
  • Stacked Stone
  • BBQ Island
  • Pool
  • Spa
  • Water Fall
  • Fireplace
  • Drought tolerant landscaping
  • Night lighting


The focus of this backyard paradise is leisure. Every inch was meticulously planned out around entertainment and relaxation. There are three driving design choices that make this backyard sophisticated place to spend your afternoon, Sand Water and Stone. The color sand or tan was the overall color choice for covered seating patio, outdoor patios and the stacked stones walls giving a gentle and sophisticated appearance to the look and feel of the entire space. The outer walls are complimentary smooth white stucco giving the backyard an open and clean sense of existence. The second design choice, water, proves to be the main focal point of the backyard with its 9’ water fall. The gentle curves of the pools edges help remind viewers to meander about the space freely. The final design choice was stone, and stone is everywhere! Every walking surface in the backyard is covered in luxurious stone. Even the Barbeque Island is finished with heavy textured stacked stone and capped with a tan granite barbeque top. The main seating area overlooking the pool and spa is accented with stacked stone on the walls. All this stone add to the sophisticated feel of this backyard. The large stone sunning deck turns into a casual outdoor dinning room when the sun goes down. There are 3 fire features that keep guests warm during evening hours. There are 2 fire bowls around the pool and a custom build fire place under the cover patio. Between the play of the fires flames on the water and the warm glow of the LED Lights and wall scones, this backyard charms all that enter into relaxation.