A Family Affair


Huntington Beach


Family entertainment was the core design parameter leading this project. For this family enjoying a home-cooked meal and gathering around a fire were the main activities that brought them together. Our goal was to create a backyard that would bring the family together in a well designed space for the enjoyment of these activities. The main design style at play in this angular backyard residence was contemporary modern design. In tune with the style, a color palette of white, gray, and an accent of blue was used. The backyard layout was challenging in that the space was tiny and an irregular shaped triangular. The solution to get the most usable space out of the yard was to push the large barbeque cook island to the set back limits. This was done in order to allow for the largest patio space available for large family gatherings while making the most of the acute triangle shaped area. Across from the barbeque area sits the rest of the yard complete with a fire pit, built-in-bench, farm table eating area, and a master deck. The old wooden deck that use to take up most of the old yard was replaced with a suitably sized landing off the master bedroom that overlooks the fire pit. The new decking material used was a recycled, renewable material that will withstand ocean air and long hot summer days without fading and cracking, unlike traditional lumber. The existing patio spaced was enhanced with more square footage of tile to accommodate a farm table that seats up to eight people. Since eight is the minimum amount of guests in attendance at gatherings, a large seating bench was designed to seat up to 12 additional guests around the fire pit. To balance the oversized seating bench, an eight foot fire pit was designed and installed just below the dining area. This client enjoys grilling so a 12’ custom barbeque island complete with warming trays, refrigerator, double burner and a 42” barbeque was design and installed. Consistent with the design palette, the barbeque is finished with a custom built dark gray polished concrete counter top. Warm LED landscape lights, hidden rope lights, and the fire pit collectively create an inviting ambience that transitions the festivities from daytime into the evening. This backyard brings the class leisure of a boutique hotel home in the comfort of your backyard.