Los Angeles


  • Pergola
  • Wood Tile
  • Pavers
  • LED Lighting
  • Water Feature
  • Native Planting


In this design and install project the client wanted a nautical theme with a contemporary feel, multiple outdoor pockets for leisure, and to create an outdoor garden space. With the styles defined, we went to work on planning the layout. Defining the location of each outdoor area was the first part of the conceptual design process. After this, we moved forward with adding style to each individual space. There are three distinct spaces in this design. The first is the main seating area off of the living room. This main seating area was designed with a tile that mimics planks of a boats wood deck to keep with the nautical theme. The interior of the home uses a similar-looking hardwood that can be seen through a glass door with the outside, blurring the lines of inside and outside of the residence. The second seating area is just outside the breakfast nook window overlooking the elegant water feature. This sunny spot is the perfect place to catch some rays and relax to the gentle sounds of water falling from the fountain. On the other side of the yard we come to the last seating nook. Nestled in the corner under an olive tree this space provides a shady location to sit and read. LED night lighting was also done throughout the property so that the garden can be enjoyed at any time.