Manhattan Beach


  • Custom Pergola
  • New Stone Patio
  • Raised Fire Pit
  • Large Water Feature


The design goal at this California residence was to create an elegant entertaining space in a traditional style that would draw guests into a colorful tropical paradise sun rise or sun set. Viewable at any hour, the disappearing water feature serves as the main focal point in drawing guests outside. The water feature fills the backyard with a gentle ambiance that relaxes and calms the senses. Keeping with company goals, this water feature was sustainably built with local Palos Verdes Stone sourced 8 miles south of the residence. The water fall cascade seems as if a natural water geyser had risen from the ground and created a new oasis in the once austere yard. In addition to the water feature there are four distinct areas which include a fire pit accompanied by a built in natural stone seating bench, a classic pergola sitting area with retractable awning, a raised bar with central barbeque and outdoor dining area, and finally, a sunning deck and entertainment space adjacent to the waterfall perfect for a tranquil summer afternoon and large parties.

The central waterfall focal point beacons entries, rewarding those who enter a choice of the four elegant outdoor rooms. The first is the fire pit area. The fire pit lounge is the ideal space for a casual and intimate outdoor gathering or casual social group experience. Nestled into the corner of the yard the tropical plants provide a natural border and curtail the views of users, giving a sense of privacy. The next space is the elegant pergola seating area. This custom classically adorned pergola functions day or night with a custom awning, recessed night lighting and speakers for music. The next area is the barbeque and bar. The barbeque and bar serves guests with a location to congregate as well a place for dinning. An additional pergola overtop of this space gives shelter during hot days and a structure for string carnival lights to stretch the gatherings into the night time hours. The final space serves as a sunning deck and for large gathering that require multiple dinning tables. More patio space was added to accommodate for large function and social gathers in this space. When not serving social gatherings, this space is sectioned into an outdoor room with its own allure and seating arrangement. The entire backyard was landscaped with a mix of drought tolerant plants with tropical flare, including king, pygmy date, and kentia palms trees. Keeping in line with the tropical theme, annual plants were added in key focal areas for added vibrate colors. Custom landscape lighting was done throughout each of the five areas of interest for nighttime gatherings. Notably, LED down lights illuminates the built in seating areas. LED spot lights wash the water feature with warm light. The recessed pergola lighting keeps the party going well into the evening. In closing additional sustainable achievements range from; a swalled flagstone patio space which keeps rainwater on site recharging ground water for the tropical planting, sourced local stone and wood, LED energy conserving lights, and water conserving drip irrigation for the tropical water friendly planting.