Contemporary Culture


Redondo Beach


  • Tropical Planting
  • Terracing Landscape
  • Boundary Definition
  • Vibrant Color Palette
  • Fire pit
  • Shade Structure
  • 12x24 Modern Tile
  • Night Lighting


This contemporary landscape is a transitional garden that terraces from the street level to the finish floor of the residence. This design responds to the steep elevation change with a terracing planters fitted with a drip irrigation system. A smart irrigation system allows for the selection of plantings that are colorful, clean and inviting. The water is focused on the individual plants, thus reducing water run off and the loss of water through evaporation. The irrigation system keeps the soil moist year round and allows for the vibrant and colorful plantings such as red bananas, fire cracker plant and succulents to grow and flourish year round. The terracing planters are finished with a smooth light stucco to compliment the contemporary tone of the home. A flagstone cap brings a level of elegance and depth to the landscape. Architectural screens block views and add privacy to the sides of the home. A contemporary courtyard greets you at the main entrance. The courtyard is framed with redwood seating benches that extend into a minimalist planter containing a green Japanese maple.

The backyard installation features modern 12” x 24” contemporary tiles which are flanked with a clean lined Fern leaf hedge. There is a designed seating area with a pre fabricated fire pit. Custom steal posts rise up out of the backyard planter to support both carnival lighting and a shade structure making this patio inviting day or night. LED landscape lighting wash the perimeter planting with soft light and add to the night time ambiance to the backyard entertaining space.